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Custom Software Development Solutions

Synergy has developed Custom Software Solutions to enable clients to implement and support a broad spectrum of strategic objectives. Our solutions include large enterprise-wide systems as well as smaller sub-systems that provide functional support at a departmental level. These systems have been implemented across a diverse group of commercial enterprises, associations and not-for-profits, pension funds, and labor unions and their affiliates.

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Railroad Rate Negotiation Support System: Developed RailCost™ package in collaboration with railroad industry expert to support Evaluation and Negotiation of Rail Rates for shipments of commodities. Tool used by traffic departments of several Fortune 500 companies to better manage multi-million dollar freight shipment expenses.

Job Costing System: Captures Time and Material expended by client crews responsible warehousing, shipping, and installing office furniture. Data is used to support periodic billings of open jobs. Also used to determine and compare direct job cost to revenue generated for closed jobs and to support manager bonuses. Automated weekly interface to payroll eliminates redundant data entry and ensures accuracy of data in both Job Cost and Payroll Systems.

Warehouse Management System: Client tracks over $ 50 million of office furniture moving through warehousing operation. Furniture is ordered by furniture dealer, drop shipped from manufacturer to client’s warehouse, inspected, warehoused, and subsequently shipped to and installed at customer site.

Service Based Personnel Scheduling Program: Enables clients to schedule personnel by installation or maintenance crews; permits “Mass Crew Assignments” to allow same crew to be assigned as a unit to one or more jobs. Permits Employer to track “call outs”, personal days, and vacation days. Interface to hourly payroll available to establish initial daily crew timesheet.

Job Cost & Billing: Database used to track expenditure of Time and Material necessary to complete Road and Infrastructure construction projects. Automated interface from Job Estimate System provides initial detailed data load for each job; change orders are permitted throughout life of job. Comprehensive reports support periodic customer billing in format consistent with initial project bid.

Equipment Preventative Maintenance System: Database used to track preventative maintenance of machinery. Enables client to perform upcoming preventative maintenance when equipment is down for other service requirements. Reduces overall downtime of equipment and crews; permits more efficient use of maintenance personnel.

National Membership Systems: Track Membership History and changes to Membership Status; Membership Status options are table driven based on the organization’s business rules. Revenue/Billing options include 1) calculation based on actual Member receipts by Affiliate or 2) monthly calculation based total Membership counts of Affiliate. Cash Receipts application to outstanding balances can be made on an open item or net account balance basis. Provides automated interface from each affiliate to prevent redundant data capture; provides verification of affiliate data against national business rules to permit better management of affiliates and to ensure data accuracy across the broader enterprise.

Affiliate Membership System: Field Office Membership System providing functional requirements unique to national affiliate as well as classical membership functionality. Permits tracking and billing of membership status, purchase of products, and purchase of services including educational seminars and training. Application tailored to union requirements permits two way interface with employer payroll systems and with local health and welfare systems.

Political Action Committee Support: Enables clients to generate contribution requests, enter receipts by contributor, create distribution checks to Candidate’s committees. Prepares monthly report to Federal Election Commission. Prepares periodic Management Report to permit review of PAC receipts by request campaign and to permit segregation of contributors by donation level for selected periods.

Construction Training and Certification System: Enables clients to enroll students in various Training Courses, tracks attendance and performance by class on a historical basis, and generates “certification diplomas” for qualified candidates.

Scholarship Application and Awards: Tracks Scholarship Applications, verification of qualification of each applicant, evaluation results from assigned reviewers, and award of Scholarships to qualified candidates.

Multi-employer Taft-Hartley (Defined Benefit) Pension System: Tracks Participant Work History, Participant and Employer Contributions, Plan Receivables and Historical Changes to Participant Data. Calculates Pension Estimate for Active Participants using Plan data and Participant supplied parameters. Creates Monthly Pension Payroll with audit trail to previous month payroll; payments can be made by check or by direct deposit. Produces vendor payments as required. Produces Cash Receipts Journal and Cash Disbursements Journal as needed. Creates series of files which are integrated with information system of Plan Actuarial Firm to support yearly evaluation. Produces series of reports used by Plan Accounting Firm to support yearly audit.

Union Grievance Tracking: Tracks grievances with each International Union through various stages from initiation through resolution. Creates correspondence based on case data and table driven system parameters. Produced monthly reports for International Leadership.

Union National Maintenance Agreements Tracking: Tracks General President’s National Maintenance Agreements signed with participating contractors through each job to which agreement is applied throughout multiyear span of agreement.

National Construction Job Referral System: Enables Employers to submit detailed qualification requirements of specialized Construction Jobs unmet by local and regional pool of applicants. Requests are matched to pool of registered qualified candidates willing to relocate maintained in system database and referrals are forwarded to Employers.

Back Office Systems Integration: Installation of packaged software to permit integration with Front Office systems. Modifications to standard packages made where appropriate. Installations have included traditional Payroll, General Ledger Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable modules as well as vertical market modules providing specialized functionality. Packages software have included client-server based Microsoft Solomon III, Microsoft Great Plains, MCBA Quantum, Peachtree, and Realworld as well as mainframe based McCormick and Dodge.